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I hate waiting. Period. Doesn’t matter if it’s waiting at a restaurant, waiting on a doctor, or waiting on a phone call, I Hate It.
But I do believe the worst is waiting on a phone call/text message from someone you like. I don’t have his number, he has mine. So I wait. I could go all stalkerish but I don’t want to. We have mutual friends on Facebook but I haven’t sent him a friend request.
The kicker is I think he’s insanely shy. He seemed very hesitant at first, but we got along great, and I really thought he was really interested.
See, there’s a back story that is oh-so-perfect that I just assumed I’d at least have heard from him by now (it goes back a few months). But I can’t go in to details because I had a friend with me, so posting it all over the interwebs is not smart. But it is definitely safe to say that the Fates had a hand in how the evening played out. Just thinking about it makes me smile.
But I haven’t heard from him. So what do I do? He was the one that showed interest and I reciprocated. Do I just wait and hope I hear from him? Do I give it a bit and send a request on Facebook to let him know I’m still thinking about him? I just don’t want him to not talk to me because he’s too shy. I really think we could have something great. Advice anyone?
Oh, and I do have to tread carefully because I will be seeing him in a professional capacity occasionally.
Did I mention he’s hot? And nice? And totally fits one of my preferred types?