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Ugh. But what I do find is that I don’t want to talk to anyone new until I see where this other goes (if at all). I am seriously tired of playing the field, putting myself out there, repeating my life story over and over and over. I just want someone I get along with, and am attracted to. Have I said “ugh” yet?
On the bright side a friend of mine offered to take me out on the town Friday night. I haven’t had a true night out in almost 10 years. It’s not something I do often. I prefer small groups in intimate settings if I can help it, or nothing at all. So here’s to hoping it’s a good night. And who knows, maybe I’ll actually meet someone that makes me forget about guy-who-won’t-call-or-text-or-accept-my-friend-request-but-who-I-still-want-to-get-to-know. I really do hope he’s just that shy, and not really playing a game. Because I’ll be pissed if he’s just fucking around.