After seeing pictures of male models, I’ve wondered if they exist in “real life”. Yesterday I had an awkward encounter with a guy who was very built. At first long distance glance he was attractive, but as he got closer and I had to interact with him I realized it’s just not my thing in real life. Instead of being attracted to him I was put off by wondering how much time he actually spent in the gym just to look like that.
Don’t get me wrong, if that’s what you like to do, great…it’s just apparently not what I like. Granted, this guy was self-important, so that could’ve had a lot to do with me being put off. And he only had half a fake tan…his upper body was tanning bed tan and his lower body was just as pale as I am (he was wearing a wife beater and shorts).
What do you think? Did his personality ruin it? Or is it realistic for me to realize I don’t really find that attractive?