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…to tattoos, and guys with tattoos. And some women with tattoos. Seriously, I have a problem.

The hardest part – I’m not attractive to “those” kinds of guys. Even when I when I was skinny they never gave me a second glance. Wait – that’s a lie…I did have a really hot tattooed guy interested for awhile last year (see The Moment that makes it Worth It). That was based on an actual guy, and the feelings expressed are based on my feelings about him. Why aren’t we together? He was too young, and thought he owed his ex another chance. I haven’t seen nor spoken to him in almost 8 months now…


But really, I have a problem. Then again…

Is it really a problem, or is it a realization of something I’ve never been allowed to want or like before? I think tattoos are beautiful, and creative. They are art. I get pissed when people refer to them as “tats” or themselves as “tatted”. Have some respect for the person who took the time to put that ink in your skin. My tattoos are works of art, and I love the people who did them.

Off track yet again….

So seriously, I don’t know what to do. And a further correction – SOME tattooed men find me attractive, but most of the time it’s not mutual. I am a nice person to everyone until they prove otherwise, and I often have people with crushes on my that I have no desire to reciprocate. If there’s no chemistry there just isn’t.  This post now has me mentally rehashing my major relationships and how they started. That is another post for another day.  But, there are a few that started with those “love at first sight” moments, and that makes me smile. Even thought none of them worked out.

So, is my tattoo addiction an issue? Or is it just time for me to accept it, and wait while that perfect-for-me guy actually comes along?