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Dear guy of my dreams that hasn’t called yet,

I think I finally understand why you haven’t called. Our situation is special. You don’t want to compromise the integrity of our working relationship before it starts by clouding it with the personal stuff. I wish I could explain that I’m different. I’m not your usual girl. If we had a bad date I’d still see you professionally, because you do spectacular work, and I wouldn’t hold the bad date against you. We’re adults. If we had a great date I wouldn’t stalk you, because that’s just stupid. I wouldn’t blow your phone up all the time, or just show up unannounced at your job. I haven’t bothered you since that night you asked if you could call, except for needed follow ups. Even then it’s been at least two weeks. I haven’t sent any messages on Facebook, nice or otherwise, even though you haven’t accepted my friend request. I haven’t asked your coworkers to put in a good word. I haven’t even asked them about you, even though I want to, because that’s just childish.

I really think it’s because you just don’t know me, and you’re treading lightly. I do understand that, I really do. There are some crazy-ass women out there, and that’s the last thing you need. I just wish I’d already had the chance to explain all this to you. I don’t do drama. It pisses me off and is unnecessary.

What I do want is someone to hang out with, go out to eat with, watch movies with, work out with. Someone I get along with on a base, fundamental level.

Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to show you who I really am.

Girl who is still waiting and really wants to wait it out