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We are sometimes way too scared of finding answers to ask questions. But if the question formed, doesn’t that mean it’s important to you? I’m not referring to fleeting questions, I’m referring to those that keep you up at night, that you think about for days or weeks.
I ask those questions. Because if my subconscious thinks it’s that important it probably is. If you are afraid of the answer it’s because you know what it will be, and you aren’t prepared to actually here it.
This does mean I’ve had conversations ended while dating. Hell, it ended my last relationship. But in the end everything is ok. Very rarely would the world actually stop just because you asked a question.
And ultimately, if the other person is offended or gets upset, but doesn’t ever answer, you probably need to reevaluate. An unanswered questions can carry just as much weight as the answer you didn’t want to hear.