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Thanks to a complete lack of followup communication from the nerd, my decision has been a lot easier. We’ve briefly emailed, but nothing more since our very interesting, but good, date.
My question is this: do vocalize that you “like” someone or is it implied as things progress? The reason I ask is because I, personally, don’t want to continue to invest emotions, time, and money towards someone who doesn’t actually feel the same way.
Now don’t get me wrong, I think he does, to a point. There is a very strong possibility we won’t see each other for about two weeks due to living so far away from each other and previous plans. And I’m sure as the holidays come around it will be even more difficult. But, in my opinion, we should make time to see each other. Am I wrong? Or in this day and age of high gas prices and sheer distance that it’s ok to go without that physical connection?
Now that I put that in writing I feel like someone should slap me. Of course it’s ok. Some people live a world away.
Back to my original question – do you verbalize your feelings for someone? How soon? One month, five months? Never until the other person does first? Considering how deep a pull I have to say something I know I need to, somehow, and I’m liable to do it at the wrong time. Any advice would be awesome.