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Well peeps, it’s been a month, and I apologize. Sometimes life just gets in the way.

As do guys.

The good news (the very good news) is that I have a guy I can actually call boyfriend.

I know – WTF right?

It all started many, many, many moons ago, back in high school. I may have already talked about this guy – about how I wanted to ask him out recently but was completely afraid of rejection. Lo and behold, he asked me first. Great minds think alike, right?

I always said I wanted a guy version of me, and he’s that. He’s just different enough to be his own person. And he accepts me for me. He thinks I’m slightly crazy – SOP in my dating life – but he accepts that crazy. We both have our quirks, but I love them. I don’t think I’ve ever slid this comfortably in to any relationship what so ever. That being said, we’ve both been burned. Needless to say we’re taking it very slowly, just seeing how things progress. We both agree on children, marriage, religion, animals, tattoos and family. We both had unusual childhoods, and both turned out pretty damn well. He’s older than me (by a year), taller than me (thank Heavens!), and got his head on straight. Maybe I’m jumping ahead, but we have a 10+ year history – I think I’m OK in my forward thinking. He is too. We’ve both been through too much shit to skim over the basic fundamentals of starting a relationship. Sure we’ll have rocky points, but we’ve both hit that point in life that we mostly know who we are, and we know what we will and won’t put up with.

This relationship is developing with a slow burn, and I like it. It’s developing and molding and shaping up to be something great. We have plans to re-meet each others parents. He’s meeting my friends (I already know his, they’re mutual). This time around I’m going to listen to my friends and family, and question any red flags that start flying. I got in too deep in my last relationship and still haven’t dug out – the very last damn thing I need is to get in too deep too fast yet again.

I hope everyone out there is doing well. I’ll write more later about some of the pre-relationship dates I had, but at the moment the work/school/volunteer schedule is kicking my ass, and I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to catch up!