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Why does everyone take everything so personally? If you know you’ve made someone angry, back away! If someone is having a bad day, see if you can help. If you can’t, walk away!
It never ceases to amaze me how sensitive people are, and yet how unwilling they are to accept their own flaws. I get frustrated, yes, and that makes my answers short. However, I could say what I really think, which I’m sure is not the preferred choice.
What makes me so frustrated? The blatant lack of caring, and driving of one’s own agenda instead of for the greater good. And we can’t forget the people who ask and ask and ask, and yet never seem to retain the answers. If you don’t really want to know the answers, stop asking and let someone else handle it. If you truly want to know and learn, take notes. Pay attention when someone is talking to you. Don’t assume someone else will always cover for you. And never assume you are perfect. Not a single person is perfect.
So now I’m frustrated that I’m not allowed to be frustrated. I’m pretty sure other people get frustrated too. Do they get chastised too?
The only solution I can come up with is to just stop talking to people unless it’s task orientated, and when I get frustrated walk away. Or if it’s in a meeting I’ll just stop talking. I honestly can’t find another solution. And what am I supposed to do when people come talk to me? Lie? Ignore them? Tell them to go away, I’m busy? Oh but then I’m not helpful, and I’m too busy for them.
Is it just me? Am I thinking about this all wrong? How do other people handle frustration?
My last thought is that it’s always one person who sets out to hate someone else. Can I avoid them? No. Especially when they happen to be the ones that usually irritate me the most. The reason I didn’t become a teacher is because I know I don’t have the patience. But in a place of business I assume there should be a level of competence; and yet again I’m proven wrong.
My goal? Stop talking. I don’t know what I need to do to remind myself of that. But I can say it just makes me that much more depressed, knowing I have to hide behind a curtain so I don’t hurt other people’s overly sensitive feelings.