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For some reason that song is stuck in my head. And today I was actually the good employee!! It is amazing what we put ourselves through, when the thought keeps running through my head – we only life once.
What if we don’t get a second chance? What if these years we’re moving through are the only ones? The older I get the more I appreciate that fact. The longer you sit idly the longer you’ll regret not talking to that guy/guy, not buying that thing for yourself, not expressing who you really are.
I’m not asking for a lot – I’m asking for all of you to take a step back and realize we are but tiny flecks of dust floating on a boiling rotating rock.

On that note, I ate lunch with my crush today. Accidentally, mind you, and in reality I only sat next to him. But in the end, we were talking while occupying the same space. Worth it? Worth it.