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Now that I’m no longer in high school, I’ve often wondered how to approach someone you have a crush on, when you aren’t sure it’s reciprocated, you have mutual friends, and you have to see each other daily. I almost feel like saying something outright, like, hey, I have a crush on you, so that’s why I act weird around you all the time….I just wanted to get that out there, thanks for listening. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and then just deal. I can easily avoid him until it’s no longer awkward, but if we’re as good as friends as I think we are it wouldn’t matter one way or another.
Then again, I question why I’m even considering this at all when I still technically have a boyfriend, even though he knows I’m not happy and we talk A LOT about why.
I keep hoping I wake up one morning and have the perfect solution, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. So off to bed, to sleep another sleep and live another day.