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This is from the stance of being happy in your relationship…..
For those in relationships, how do you deal with having a crush on someone else? Do you stop it before it happens? Or does your love/devotion for your partner override any possibilities of acting (or wanting to act) on your thoughts?
From the stance of having lost romantic feelings for your partner….
Do you try to get those feelings back, stay in the relationship for the other perks, or let go and move on? Is letting go of the other perks worth losing the romantic part? But if the other person still has the romantic feelings, do you fake it?
I’m not a good enough actress to fake it. I hate holding on to someone when it’s only one sided. However, if I do say something, and it goes badly, I put myself in a horrific financial position that will take years to recover from, if ever. And then what if I end up being alone forever because no one else will put up with all my quirks?
Why do I over think everything?!?!?!