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Does it matter if you take an hour, a day, or an entire week to “just relax”? Not in my world, not in my experience.  Because the time spent relaxing or re-centering can be blown away by one stupid ass move by someone who damn well should know better by now.
It is over. Period. I do not ask to hang out with your friends. I do not ask you to tag along to hang out with my friends. Therefore, when you invite yourself along when you weren’t wanted and then feel left out because you weren’t invited to anything after shouldn’t surprise you. You shouldn’t have your feelings hurt.
Every time I think we’ve made progress we end up having to talk about our feelings. Again. You know what my feelings are? Anger. I’m tired of talking about it. I’ve given you every god damn reason, in writing and verbally, and yet every few weeks we have to revisit it.
No, this is not an ideal situation. No, I’m no longer having fun. I’m tired. I’m angry. And I’m god damn tired of repeating myself.
To me, the point of a relationship, any relationship, is a mutual respect for someone else. When I’m gone, I expect the same level of care for my house and pets as I give yours when you aren’t here. There is no gray area. And yet, I find that the gray area was introduced and stomped all through.  Just like my personal space.
My sympathy is gone. I can’t believe I held on this long. But I did, somehow. I like to give every person the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. I like we hit “otherwise” a while back and blew right through it. I’m tired.
I’m done.