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I have the unique opportunity to be objective in listening to a modern day mating call. The lies we tell each other are mind blowing. What’s worse is when the person telling the lie truly believes it, and the other person finds out too late.
See, that’s what happened to me. At first the honeymoon period was fantastic. I thought I’d finally found someone I could talk to, share my dreams with, and maybe share my life with. What I really did was fall in love with the idea of finding that person. In reality, said person fell short, and now I harbor anger at myself for, yet again, getting myself in to this mess, with an end too far away to be happy about.
I also miss the days when I lived alone. At least when I did have roommates they were mostly considerate. He is being pretty much a complete ass since he found this chica he’s talking to. I hate complaining about it because I fear it sounds like I’m jealous, when in reality I’m just tired of dealing with it all. Like right now, he is talking so loud I can damn near hear every word. It wouldn’t be an issue if his bedroom wasn’t right under mine, but it is, and I’d appreciate a little consideration.
I keep telling myself to hang in there, it’s almost over…but it’s not almost over.
Heaven help me find a way to deal with this shit until it is over.