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Adele’s newest release, Hello, really strikes a cord with me. Over the years there have only been a handful of people I wish I could go back to and say “I’m sorry.”

The ultimate pain comes when I see them succeeding at life and I’m failing….failing of my own accord, for the same reasons I failed them.

As I get older I realize I am not happy with myself, and maybe I never truly have been. I’ve lived my entire life to please someone else, to make sure I didn’t disappoint them….all while disappointing myself. I know only I can change it, but I’m scared. I’m scared as to what the world will hold when I finally embrace myself. I’m scared of failing. I’m scared of the consequences if I quit trying.

I don’t know how to be me. I don’t know how to break out of this stupid mold I’ve created and simply just be. And until I can do that I don’t think I’ll ever truly be free.