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I’m pretty certain I’ve titled a post like this already, but damn am I feeling my age.
Firstly, I find myself attracted to older men at work, because at work I don’t see their age, I see their personality and behaviors. While I can’t seriously consider them as dating partners, it makes me feel my age – how young my age says I am, and how old my personality really is, which does not match my age in years.
Secondly, the younger men (my age) I do find myself attracted to still have “something” that turns me off. Bad grammar, bad speaking skills, lives at home, doesn’t have a car, doesn’t have a job, etc, etc, etc.
Every day my list seems to grow of things I don’t like or won’t put up with anymore, but that means my dating pool gets smaller and smaller. I think at this point I just don’t want to settle. What’s the point? I also think I’m not emotionally ready to give up my way of life for someone else…but then again, I also think that if you find the right fit, you don’t lose anything. Maybe that’s idealist or romanticist, but in the end I feel like I’ve dealt with enough in my life that I should now get to chose who I let in. And if that means I lose out on potential dating partners, so be it.