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I’ve never had this many days where I don’t want to go to my job. It’s also the fastest I’ve become jaded. It’s so frustrating that I am expected to bend over backwards and change myself, and yet no one else seems to even be trying. I have always been the one coming in early, staying late, volunteering for extra work, because I love being able to do a good job. But when the emphasis is on feelings instead of work, I’d rather stay home. I’m not saying I don’t want a pleasant working environment, but would you rather me get work done or would you rather me spend my days catering to others’ feelings because they can’t handle the seeing the truth about themselves? When my days are filled trying to help other people work on their issues, while I am not their boss nor in a field that addresses those issues, I get tired of it. It is exhausting having to watch everything I say just to make sure I’m as helpful as possible without being snippy or hurting someone’s feelings, but I also can’t say no I can’t help them because then I’m not a team player.
In the end I feel like my only course of action is to not do my job, do their jobs for them, and when review time comes around explain that they either get “nice” unproductive me or productive me who is working on not being snippy as long as my co-workers are making a visible damn effort to help themselves. And maybe look for a new line of work.