I swear I filled this page out….

Then again, I probably didn’t.

So, as so many out there, I’m an almost-30 single gal, single again after almost 7 years of a relationship with a hulking man-child. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him…but I grew up, and he didn’t want to. So he left me for someone half his age, and I get to jump back in the dating pool.

Which sucks ass.

So this blog is my personal vent zone, unbeknownst to those who know me, or think they know me. Because I’ve had just about all I can take of the people in my life, and how they think I should be living mine.

So welcome, feel free to browse. My Gravtar is actually an image I took quite awhile ago and forgot about. Pansies are flowers that are somehow always cheerful. They remind me to smile. I hope they have that effect on you too.

And I will remain nameless and faceless, because sometimes nameless and faceless just works.


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